Basic Digital Editing and Retouching

Basic Digital Editing and Retouching of previously done photography
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Dusk Photography

Photography taken at dusk/twilight or dawn often appear stunning with dramatic colour tones across the facade of a property. Night photography is recommended if the property has an appealing view of nearby cityscape.

2D Textured Floorplan - Redrawn

Do you have builder's plans of the property? If so, we can redraw it as 2D textured floorplan. It includes representations of textured surfaces (eg carpet, tiles, wooden floorboards...etc) and furniture layouts to better convey each area of the house.

Property Photographs - 16

Upto 16 high-resolution photos of property. Your Logo/branding can be watermarked into the images if required. Digital delivery of Images within 1 business day through our Client Portal.
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