Other miscellaneous items that can be included in your booking...

Virtual Furniture

Addition of virtual furniture and styling to an interior property photo. The interior photograph needs to be of an empty space without any existing furniture.

Advanced Digital Editing and Retouching

Advanced Digital Editing and Retouching of previously done photography

Basic Digital Editing and Retouching

Basic Digital Editing and Retouching of previously done photography

Video Editing - Simple

Simple video editing tasks such as adding captions and titles

Daytime-to-Dusk Conversion of Photo

Conversion of a daytime real estate photo to a dusk photograph

Staff Photographs

Staff and group photographs - Includes 2 portrait headshots per staff member and 2 group photographs

3D Artist Impression of building off-the-plan

3D Artist impression of a building using builders' plans. These can be used in off-the-plan project marketing

3D Modelling of Furniture

We can do 3D modelling of your favourite furniture, chandelier or other object. This will then enable us to embed this furniture/object into any photograph as part of the virtual furniture service we do. Refer to our Virtual Furniture service.

Travel Fee - Beyond 40km (per 20km additional travel)

All travel within a radius of 40km from Greensborough (VIC) is at no additional cost. A Travel Fee applies for any additional travel of 20km beyond the radius of 40km from Greensborough.

Property Styling

Our property stylists will make your vacant property more appealing to prospective buyers.
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